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Capturing the Flag with Hetalia! ~ China
This was going on forever.
The sun had just peaked under the horizon as you launched into your 34rd game. Allies were in the lead, 17 to 16.
The two groups refused to let the other have victory, so any time the Allies were ahead, the Axis demanded another game, and anytime they were in the lead, Alfred would call for another round "FOR THE SAKE OF DEMOCRACY!!!!".
You half-heartedly trudged through the woods as the game began, too tired to be competitive.
"I don't even care if my team wins anymore," You though, stifling a yawn, "I think I'll just let the guys work this one out on their own."
You stopped walking and plopped down on the forest floor. A blueish hue had fallen on the woods, and, as you sat there, you were awed by the beauty this time of day brought to the timber.
"I love it here." You sighed into the stillness.
"So do I, aru." The stillness sighed back.
You whipped your head around to revel Yao, stepping out from the shadow of an elm.
It suddenly occurred to you that you ha
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China X Reader: Chapter 10
Chapter Ten
Yao’s outstretched hands presented the fragrant lotus to you. You admired its tender, fragile petals, sitting in the palms of the country you loved. You picked up the lotus, with water rivulets still streaming down the sides of the blossom, and then clasped one of Yao’s hands in yours. You wanted to tell Yao that you liked him. But you didn’t. Instead, you took the blossom with you and retracted back.
“Thank you,” you said softly. “But now it is late, and I should be going.”
“Good night,” Yao said. You ducked your head and quickly left, still clutching onto the lotus tightly. While you were walking home, you noticed the lotus was single-stemmed—which meant, according to Chinese culture, that it symbolized a shared heart and harmony. Was this Yao’s way of confessing his love to you? By now, it was too obvious—there was clearly feelings between the two of you, and both of you knew. But
:iconstarry-jade:starry-jade 5 4
Pirate China X Reader : Heave Ho
       Placing the last of the clean dishes, you smiled at your work. That was until the ship jerked and tipped to the side, sending the dishes to come crashing to the wooden floor.
       The fierce action of the ship also sent you to go running up to the top deck to see men running to their stations.
       Your eyes scanned over the many figures, trying to find the captain. As you weaved through the busy shipmates, the wind whipped at your face and the water crashed onto the ship’s deck as the ocean was pushed and pulled back and forth in a tug-a-war.
       You stumbled and fell to your knees a few times before griping the railing of the ship’s side. The only light allowing you to see the angry sea was the lamps strung around the ship, which fought against the wind to stay in hoisted in place.
       An arm wrapped around your waist, bring your attention away from everyon
:iconsilvia-x-gaara:Silvia-x-Gaara 122 62
Love and Other Things (2) ||China x Reader||
It’s almost a week since Yao started coming to your house after-school. The reasons for him coming with you so much ranged from ‘I need help with the math homework’ to ‘I didn’t understand the lesson that well.’ But Yao was bluffing, the real reason he continued to come over was because, well, he couldn’t get enough of you. Unlike most of the girls in the school, who were loud, annoying and had attitudes that were horrible, you were a polite girl. The only time you spoke out was when you would defend Yao and your other friends. You were friendly to the people who deserved the kindness and besides your wonderful personality, you were beautiful.
Maybe most people would see you as average, but he saw every feature magnified by 100.
But enough about what he thought, you admired him as well! Yao was a blunt person, being very mature and smart for his age (which is why you were always confused why he needed help with his classwork, oh (Y/N). So obvli
:iconanime-alltheway:Anime-alltheway 11 3
ChinaxReader: Chinese Take-Out
  It was one of those average, rainy, Friday nights. The long week was finally over and you were far too exhausted to do anything. Your parents were out so you were expected to make your own dinner.
  You were relaxing on the couch, watching a lame movie when you actually decided that you were a bit hungry. There wasn't much to eat at home that required little work or that would satisfy your hunger.
  Looking over to the coffee table, you spied your cellphone and took it, hoping maybe you could order pizza or something. Only when you scrolled over the local Chinese Take-Out's number did you stop.
  Staring at the lightened-up number for a few minutes, you took a long thought about maybe calling. After a brief pause, you hit the 'send' button and put the phone to your ear.
  Hearing the phone ring, you were ready to lay the phone aside and give up. As you were about to hang up, someone picked up the phone,"Ni hao ! Would you like to order?"
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 208 118
China X Reader - An Encounter In The Garden
You let your feet slowly glide across the clear water's smooth surface, making it ripple and sway as if it was dancing. Laying back you looked at your current surroundings. You were in China, in a the most beautiful open garden you had ever hoped to witness in your mortal life. Its outer circumference consisted of colourful trees, their leaves falling at a steady pace making you feel calmer than ever. Their was a sizable pond in the center of it all with many tropical fish, some stopping to nibble at your feet curiously, but never enough to hurt you their slight nibbling caused you to relax even more.
As you looked up to the clear sky you thought to yourself, "What a beautiful day" as you sighed happily to yourself you didn't notice a certain Hello Kitty lover watching you.
- -
As Yao walked into what he called his "special place" he couldn't help but notice that something was different about the place, not exactly bad different, but different.
"Hmmm, the Feng-Shui's off"
:iconfunkysocks16:funkysocks16 165 81
China x Sick! Reader: You're Cute, Aru!
    You looked outside your bedroom's window. The birds were chirpping beautifully, and the leaves were being carressed by the gentle breeze.
    'A perfect day to be outside.." you thought as you violently sneezed into a tissue. You sigh in weakness, shaking your congeisted head. On the most beautiful day, your immune system let you down. Your [e/c] eyes were puffy and red, much like your nose. You had a killer headache, and the sound of your phone ringing wasn't putting it at ease. You looked at the phone screen, and the caller ID read 'Yao'. It was accompanied by a picture of him cuddling a hello kitty plushie. You chuckled at the ridiculous picture, but were soon cut off by your cough. You weakly pressed the green icon on your phone and put up your best front. 
    "Hello?" You asked into the phone, trying your best not to cough your lungs up. 
    "Hello, aru!" A happy voice resounded through the pho
:iconv0ez:v0ez 207 41
Very specific aichmophobia- China X Reader
Well weren’t you lucky? You had been around the Allies for a while, and they had invited you to join them on a camping trip somewhere “warm enough to sleep without those bothersome tents, da?” as Russia had put it. To be honest, the idea of camping with Russia and France around made you kinda wary, but you were good friends with the others, and you trusted them well enough to protect you, at the least.
“Ready, aru?” China beamed cheerfully at you as you brought your bags into the hallway and you nodded, successfully hiding the blush that China’s smile triggered. America was tossing and catching his car keys in the air, chattering nine-to-the-dozen to anyone who was listening (no-one), Britain was quietly sipping his tea, leaning against the kitchen door, France winked at you only to be ignored, and Russia was just staring at America’s bag, the gentle yet slightly scary smile on his face.
“Sure.” You smiled back, and you all headed o
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Not A RoChu Fan :iconcaelisqua:Caelisqua 135 54 APH - Axis Marching Stamp :icondebellini:DeBellini 3,015 78 Hetalia - China Stamp - Fear the Hello Kitty :iconmaru-sha:Maru-sha 379 47 +Asia hare hare yukai stamp+ :iconblackladysango:BlackLadySango 2,014 345 APH Canada Stamp :iconmegumimaruidesu:megumimaruidesu 174 9 China, Stamp :iconharukothehedgehog:HarukotheHedgehog 44 2 APH-Wang Yao stamp :icontokis:Tokis 149 18 APH China Stamp :iconmegumimaruidesu:megumimaruidesu 89 3
The coolest stuff i've seen on D.A so far! :iconturbopokeplz:
First of all: Merry Christmas 
Second of all: I would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday :) and I would like to wish a happy birthday to my bro  I hope you had a good day yesterday :D 
And lastly: I'm baa-aack! 

Hello, How is everyone?
Now I realized I have not updated my drawings here on DA in quite sometime, so I will be doing that today.
And I know i have said this before; but I will try my best to be more active here on DA. It is just very hard to do so with school and such.

So, now that that's out of the way, how was your Christmas? What did you get this year? Please do tell 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
How are you this fine day :) My name is Kassy (Kassey or Cassie) spell my name how you wish.

Favourite Anime:(not in order)
Naruto, Noragami, K-on!, Un-GO, FMA brotherhood, Hetalia, Cute high earth defense club LOVE!, Uta no prince-sama, Black butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Sailor Moon.
Favourite Movies: (Not in order)
LOTR, The Hobbit, Fast and Furious, spaceballs.
Favourite Bands/Singers/musicians: (Not in order)
Piko, Utatane Piko, Amatsuki, Sawyer Fredericks, BVB, PTV, GACKT, Savage Garden, Super Junior, Perfume.
I listen to music in all different languages such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. I mostly listen to Japanese though.
I really like Rock, metal, classic rock and hair metal XD
Favourite shows:
Deadliest warrior, Counting cars
Vocaloid, I love vocaloid

Lately I have not been posting pictures here on deviantart, nor have I been writing my stories, you see I have been simply too busy. I am a self taught artist.
Anywise, if you watch me I often watch back. :D

I love Snow by mceric MOUSE by xTaionx Feedback Love by Luishi17 STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht :iconpervyshikamaruplz: We say that all the time in english class!!
I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 Background Music by Skylark-93 Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 i love Gaara-stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX Gaara Layla stamp by NaomiLoveChan Stamp ~ Hero's Come Back by Judiette I draw on bed by prosaix Shikamaru is MINE by shifaikia Badge: Shikamaru by TheRedKunoichi Shikamaru Stamp by TrAnKoS74 Shikamaru Stamp by KayleeInuzuka Kankuro stamp by KayleeInuzuka I'd rather watch clouds by shifaikia Shika Blush by I-Love-Shikamaru AntiNejiHina Stamp by AyanaPL by Anti-NejiHina RIP Neji we love you T_T by SakamakiJustine Anti-Inter-Family Stamp by HaishaHime neji stamp by SakamakiJustine Neji Stamp by Kewiprower Neji Stamp 1 by Okami-Rayne Anti NejiHina Stamp by Anti-NejiHina Naruto SD: Neji Stamp by wow1076 Neji VS Naruto Stamp by DemoniumAngel Neji Fan by HitomiHyuuga2 Byakugan - Stamp by PinK-BanG Byakugan User Stamp by Skorpion66 APH-Wang Yao stamp by Tokis APH China Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH - Axis Marching Stamp by DeBellini APH - Allies Marching Stamp by DeBellini :thumb430790902: APH Canada Stamp by megumimaruidesu
+Asia hare hare yukai stamp+ by BlackLadySango Not A RoChu Fan by Caelisqua

old naruto icon by foxytamer Extremely Optimistic by spring-sky

(All stamps belong to their original owners)



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